Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pound Bizness bundt cakes are best served at room temperature 
  • Our standard size cake serves 12-16 and our half-sized serves 8-9
  • To maintain moistness and freshness, place bundt cake in an air tight cake container or dish for 7-10 days
  • If you are unable to enjoy within 7-10 days, wrap tightly with Saran Wrap first then Aluminium Foil and place in the freezer up to six months. When ready to serve, remove it from the freezer and let thaw at room temperature in the plastic wrap for 6-8 hours or overnight.
  • We do ship our products.  We highly recommend that you select 2-3 day shipping options and avoid UPS ground shipping if at all possible when shipping to the East coast  
  • We are available for special events and bulk orders.  We do sell our cakes by the slice for special events.  To learn more, email us at