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A quick trip to the barber and special flavor request has now become our most popular flavor.  Our customers continue to come back for more and absolutely love the lemon drizzle.

*Slices are only available at Farmer Markets



Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Matthew Johnson
Ounce of Prevention? POUND of cure!

A pound cake can cure most of what ails you. (Or at least make you forget about it.) The Lemon cake was just what the doctor ordered. A good cup of coffee, a slice of Pound Bizness cake and a window to stare out of, is all you need to make your day be OK. Delivery was as indicated and the cake arrived without a scratch on it. The lemon zest made it even more lemonee.

I will be ordering again. Got my eye on the rum next!

Robert Brown
Pound cake enthusiast

I’ve been eating pound cake since I was 5. My mom made them all the time. This would make my top ten but not my top 5. I was expecting it to be a little more moist and the frosting to melt like butter when I warmed it up. I will give the cake the benefit of the doubt because it was shipped to me. I bet it would have been in my top 5 straight out of the oven. Would definitely order again from there.

Michele McQueen
Excellent and I need more

Loved it. It sold out. I need to order more.

Nicola Beckles
Lemon Pound Cake

Your cake was delicious. I really liked the not too sweet icing that was just enough on the top of the cake. All of my friends enjoyed it as well!

Frances O'Brien
You must try this!

I got the lemon pound cake. My husband and I are the only humans in our house, and he has will power. When it arrived, we each had a thin slice. Then I sliced the rest of half of it and wrapped them to freeze. We brought the other half to another married couple who ate it in front of us, so we witnessed them loving it, too. It's sinfully delicious! And you get SO MUCH CAKE! If you have will power, it can last you years. Thank you for this cake! And it made my white Karen heart happy to support a minority-owned business. Thank you! Danke! Gracias! Grazie! Merci! Sorry, no pictures. Unless you want a picture of my stomach where it now resides. YUM!